TSRP: Inventory Overview

28 01 2010

In each of the four categories I am focusing on for self reliance, there are already works in progress and even some completed projects. Right away, I will make a list of my current “inventory” and the status of and what it will take to complete them.

Also, there is a purpose for each in that they support the larger goal of self reliance.

For example, one completed past product is my 1997 student film, Walk This Way. It can be seen on the web for free but I don’t have any DVDs available. This might be good to do to share it with others, and promote myself as a film teacher as well as being part of my financial recovery. Although I do not have funds at this time, I can at least make the cover art and disc camera ready for duplication when I do.

Another project, a screenplay needs to be tweaked…and, my film school seminar on myth, archetypes and transformation in cinema – although I have taught it several times, I need to make it fixed in an overview, video clip and/or presentation, so I can easily communicate what it is and who I am as the instructor.

Same goes with music, strength training, fiscal management and spiritual practice–just put it all down on paper–what I have, what I need and why these all fit in with the plan of self reliance. Then I can prioritize and execute, but first just lay out the facts, and what is.




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