TSRP: Goals Overview

29 01 2010

As stated in the overview of the four areas in which I am seek self-reliance:


I have goals for each one, with purposeful reasoning behind them. Also, they all fit in the overall goal of self-reliance, as well as work with each other since they are related in many ways, even if they seem diverse.

My overall goal of Self-Reliance includes matters of self-esteem as well as practical purposes. This is not just a career move, or me just “growing up” — for me, self reliance is a rite of passage, where I can claim my place in the world and build myself up to where I can not only rely on myself and my principles, but that other can rely on me too.

So each area will deserve their own goals/purpose statements which I will follow and amend accordingly.  I feel that I must keep in touch with the reasons why I want to take this journey in the first place and what it means to me to do these things I love so much, so that if I ever get off track – which is quite possible! – I will have directions to guide me back to the WHY as well as the WHAT it is that I’m doing.

One question I will ask of all my projects and tasks is “will doing this help lead me toward self-reliance?” Sure, some side projects will no doubt arise along the way, and I will be reminded of forgotten projects and desires, but many of these will have to wait for another time if they don’t directly assist me in my overall goal.

And I will prioritize which goals are more urgent than others, and which ones need to be implemented immediately, especially if they are foundational in that they need to be accomplished first so that they can be built upon.

Again it is just as important to re-iterate WHY I want to do these things as it is to note what these goals are…that is, what they mean to me.  This gives them more emotional power and can help me stay on track, especially when the going gets rough or I get discouraged.

© 2010 Chris Sheridan




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