TSRP: Tracking Overview

29 01 2010

As my prioritized inventory gets scheduled and the plan executed, I will track my progress, note failures and describe the challenges I faced each week.  This progress report will include the following, and may be delivered via text and/or a video report:

Ongoing projects and tasks: each will be described and noted, such as, worked out three times this week, or recorded all seven of my daily cover tunes, etc.  Once set in motion, these types of projects will simply be maintained and noted.

Larger projects: will be tracked by noting each part of the process that has been addressed, for example, a rewrite of act II in a screenplay, or even some housekeeping duties such as merging files and consolidating folders in the computer for a project.  Whatever the project needs will be what it gets.

General infrastructure: such as computer systems, office management, time management and efficiency improvements will also be addressed weekly.  I have to remember that in order to take on this project of self-reliance, I have to rely on my equipment and an organized office/studio environment as well.  Even just a major clean up or organizing is important in making things run smoothly.

Challenges, both logistical and emotional, will be noted as well.  Whatever resistance I feel, or dead ends I go down, recognizing them as part of the process and sharing that will paint a clearer picture of the process and make it easier to make improvements.  Challenges are not there to stop me, but to redirect my energies and attention toward and better way of doing things.

Improvements: will be noted and implemented.

An overview of the next week will be laid out so that I have a plan to follow.

Eventually, probably after a couple goes at this, I will arrive at a format that will be fairly consistent and not too long!  Also, a day of the week, perhaps Friday or Saturday, might be selected for a regular posting of my weekly tracking and progress report.  See you then!

© 2010 Chris Sheridan




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