TSRP: 3×5 cards & post notes

31 01 2010

Friday day 3 I have most all projects on labled cards w sticky notes, within the main categories (music, finance, video shows, audio, personal, etc).

Point is that now whenever I get a bit of inspiration, I can write it down, knowing I can file it in a place that is already set up for all projects, instead of being lumped together and disorganized. They all have a home AND they all fit in a single card box, so all is equal and none separate.

Pix…here are just some of the hundreds of post notes with bits and pieces of ideas for my many projects.

I arranged them in like categories and narrowed down about 20 or so primary projects that I want to focus on.  Seems like a lot and it is, but gathering them and giving them a place is all I’m doing now.

Next I stuck them on the wall and arranged them in categories…ie: Music, Videos, Writing, Lifestyle, etc.

And finally, I made 3×5 cards: each with one of the major projects, or elements, and arranged according to category.  What had been an untamed beast has now become a fairly organized system for filing and retrieving any particular project or area of focus.

Of course, I can only work on one project at a time, and this system allows me to do that, while keeping all the elements in a contained whole.  This has great psychological benefit in that I know all my “children” have homes.  They will be waiting there when I’m ready, and if I get a flash of inspiration or idea concerning any one of them, I know exactly where to stick the new note and trust none of my ideas will be lost or just wind up in a heap of countless others.

So far, this system seems to be working!

©2010 Chris Sheridan




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