TSRP: Horizontal and Vertical Organization

1 02 2010

I have heard of horizontal and vertical organization for corporate systems, and I’m not really certain what it is, but those terms came to me during my personal organization process.  So I will use them in my self reliance project to help clarify what I’m doing and to keep me on track:

I see this as the plate or table that holds all my particular projects (writing, proposals, video, music, etc.) that are to be fixed in a form.  These are the contents or what will be “products.”

This is the operating system or the infrastructure that all projects belong to.  This is the “how” things get done, and the projects are the “what” that gets done.  As I strengthen this vertical component, the projects will become easier to accomplish.

Included along this axis are organization, preparation, record keeping, progress reports, scheduling, equipment and anything else that will make the work more efficient and productive. Before I dive into the projects full tilt, I want to make sure I have put adequate thought into this area first.

on the subject and I’m seeing the vertical axis as the center hub and the horizontal spokes lead to the particular projects…the horizontal is the circumference and the vertical is the center…diversity and unity…

(added Feb 3 2010):
After working with the box filled with my various projects/processes on 3×5 cards for a few days now, I have been able to see it in action and get a sense of how it is starting to work.  Most ideas come to me randomly and quickly, and, they can go from one subject to the next without warning.  Previously, I would have had to find the “correct” notebook or file to write my idea down, or, if I just wrote it on a post note, it would get folded into a bunch of other unrelated ones.

Now, for instance, if I get a lyric for a song, an idea on how to approach my memoir project, or, a really good quote I may want to use in my podcast — I can just write them down and put them with their corresponding file card, and when it comes time to focus on, say, my memoirs, that idea will be right there, waiting for me to use.  Or, when I start working on songwriting, I can pull the card that had the lyric post note, and stick it where it belongs in my songbook.  The advantage is, that I can capture these little snips of inspiration and put them in a safe, easily retrievable central spot, and not have to dig into the whole project at that time and get sidetracked…




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