TSRP week one update

6 02 2010

I am still in Inventory/Organization mode, having gone thru computer files and notebooks, legal pads, endless post notes, and all the rest.  Now I have most projects in their own boxes or shelf space – separated yet visible and accessible at once.  So when it’s time to work on one, I pull the card file and open the box, and with the others contained for the time being, I will be able to focus on the task at hand.  That’s the theory, at least.

As for the vertical component, that is, the organizational core which includes any thing that helps facilitate the process of completing the many projects, such as, my personal health and wellness (you would want your athlete, soldier, pilot, whomever to be properly fit and equipped, right?), my regular spiritual practice (like meditation, breathing, right thinking and right speech, etc.), and other things such as my financial progress (personal issues with money have kept me stifled in that department) and other areas that need to be maintained and improved.  This vertical axis is the center core of all my projects and the stronger and clearer it is, the more it will be of use.  To make a short story endless, what I’m saying is that I plan on getting a special box dedicated to such matters.

In the financial goal toward self reliance, I am reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill, one I’ve certainly heard of and at least partially read…but I think it’s worth revisiting and even narrating for my next audio book (this one is in the public domain too), adding it to the existing Science of Getting Rich audio download/donate on the website.

More importantly, I am actually following along with the process and advice given from the horse’s mouth on YouTube (link coming) videos of lessons he filmed at some point.  He gives direct advice and as I go through each step, I will post the debrief from the lesson and what I made of it.  The first one is to write down your goal on paper and what you’re willing to give to achieve it, and then to repeat this 12 times a day, closing each one with a humble thanks of gratitude.

So, here is where The Self Reliance Project may have an interesting benefit in that I can hold myself accountable here with how well I follow the lessons.  If I fall short, I will admit it and write about what my thoughts are on why this happened and how I can improve, also when I hit the mark, try to recognize how I was able to stay on track.  Now, I may keep the actual content of what I write down for my mantra as it only matters that it is personal and meaningful to me and clearly stated…the “public” part can be the actual doing of it, which is vital, regardless of what the particular goal is.

On the project front in the Music department, as song I wrote, recorded and posted on YouTube has gotten a bump from the popular iJustine, the subject and object of affection in the song…sort of a parody but it’s fun to play and it represents self reliance in that I own it and can use it to make smiles and money…speaking of, I got a statement from BMI and a check for a song I have in a movie (“Little Gypsy” from Decline of Western Civilization Part II:) – it was only thirty bucks but it does represent revenue from my original music…just a matter of writing and releasing more songs and turning thirty into thirty grand, yes? But I digress, the original point is that iJustine is going to mention me on her next post (which usually receive hundreds of thousands of views each), SO, I will be getting an even larger bump (today she favorited the video and left a comment which has brout 500+ views already) AND a current focus is now on what can I do to my YouTube channel (and anything it links to) to get it the best I can, and since there’s time to do another show, which one would I want to do for the potential exposure…

Since I don’t like to talk about creative things I’m “going to do” I will check in after there’s something to show and tell…

©2010 Chris Sheridan




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