March 2010 Daily Habits

1 03 2010

The Self Reliance Project has been moving and evolving continually. New discoveries and changing priorities have made it difficult to write about the process. And some projects need to be concealed as they are being developed, much like a seedling needs extra care and protection until it can stand firm on it’s own.

So, on this 1st Day of March 2010, I resolve to write a blog post here every day, even if it’s just a couple sentences, like this one, and at least comment on my project status or check in on my self-reliance trajectory.

Actually, this post is about self reliance in that I am cultivating the habit of writing and posting daily. This branches out to all other writing/audio/video projects that I will put out on daily and weekly (regular) bases.

My self reliance hinges on my presenting my projects in fixed form, and to produce and perform media content continually. Self discipline in daily work is key, and in keeping with a production and broadcast schedule, I will avoid over thinking or analyzing things, which is a former habit -transformed by this new one.

So, 31 posts in 31 days!




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