Daily Report 03 March 2010

4 03 2010

Ok, so now here it is day three and I already missed one, yesterday!  Not off to a great start, but 2 out of  3  ain’t bad, as the song goes…

Current updates include more pages on http://www.metaphysicalfilmschool.com — lots of steady work on this one, usually one solid page per session and/or tweaking navigation and site set up.  Still have no idea how to monetize this, but I do know keeping all I know about symbolism, myth and film – all to myself – will make nothing.  Now, yes, I’m giving it away, but this is based on the spiritual principle that you can only keep what you have by giving it away, or at least making the offer and making it available.  Either way, by posting my lecture notes and course material from my film teaching work, I will at least have it out there, and fixed in a from, which is one of my major self-reliance goals.  From there, it can be determined whether this will get me more work as a film teacher/consultant, or convert the site into a book, or something else.  Now, my job is to lay my cards on the table.

More progress too on financial self-reliance, particularly involving a screenplay project that I am now “novelizing,” and in book form, this one might actually be more sale-able than as a script. There is a rather large niche audience and market for this kind of story and seems to be underrepresented in the historical fiction genre, although biographies and memoirs on this subject (WWII Aviation) are numerous and the market is probably saturated.  So, I’m seeking finishing funds against a profit of the sales, which is, in every sense of the world, being self-reliant in that it is my project that is of value (and potential investment payoff), and not a hand out or anything of the sort.

So that’s it for day three.




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