Project Evolution – form and format

8 03 2010

My projects are evolving as I work on them.  As of now, one of the screenplays that I wanted to work on more is now being written into novel form, historical fiction.  Self-publishing and the niche subject are driving this change and it’s a good change – almost as if the project itself informed me which way to go with it, and so far, it’s going quite well.

Also, the writing and teaching of metaphysics, consciousness and transformation will now be covered by an upcoming podcast called “Get In Tune with the Infinite.” As of today, the RSS feed, podcast host and iTunes protocol have been set up through, and is ready for uploading.  Now, I have to settle on the show format and make the first introductory episode and plan out several more.  After I do that and get some sort of artwork for the podcast image, I will open it up for iTunes and RSS feed.

I’m finding that the format or medium of expression is very important, and may seem like the cart before the horse, but it is a spiritual truth that preparing sacred space and preparing the vessel are necessary for the divine to enter.  In the case of “Get In Tune…” I found that I was struggling with either writing a book, giving lectures or classes or who knows what else to get these thoughts and ideas out.  When I settled on a podcast, it all seemed to make sense, and not only will this format support all I wanted to do, it will handle other things I was hoping to get to in the future, like being able to have guest speakers on the subject at hand.  Now, I can interview for the podcast, even over the phone, etc.




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