Emotional Self Reliance

10 03 2010

I have been thinking about the emotional aspect of self reliance, particularly regarding the human need for the approval, understanding and support of others. These are important to both give and receive. But to really rely on one’s own convictions and authority, we need not seek these things, or, at least not be shaken off course if we don’t receive them.
Not everyone can see things the way we ourselves do, especially when we take a different path than theirs, or make a shift from our usual way of doing things. Others will see, once we demonstrate our own self reliance as fact and not just idea.
Actually, the emotional support we need is the dynamic vitalization of our own convictions. If we are not convinced, and do not have enough emotional support for these convictions, then we can’t expect to get it from others. Only on our own authority can we stand; through personal conviction and the emotional energizing factor needed to see it through




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