Trust in the Process

14 03 2010

Most of these posts are about process, and I’m reminded of a couple qoutes:

“It’s process, not product.”

I think this came from an art class, that even in a finished piece (product) there is evidence of or at least the knowledge of the work (process) that went into making it — as if the product is but a mere side-effect of the process.

“Trust in the process”

This came to me from someone reminding that, even if the result of effort, or outcome, remains obscured or distant, one must still continue, relying on the fact that the process works, and will carry you through.

In a 500 mile drive, you could get discouraged at 450 miles, with the destination nowhere in sight. But by following the process of knowing the direction, planning the route, refueling regularly and keeping your eyes on the road, you can trust that you will reach the destinaton/goal — if you trust in the process!

Same is true with other things that aren’t so simple and clear as driving is. Right now, for instance, the same process that got me from 0 to 87 pages written on my novel is the same process which will get me from 88 pages to 300 and beyond.




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