Pushing Through

17 03 2010

With all the external distractions and internal resistances, I have been able to continue pushing through with my projects. The path may still be hazy for many of them, but at least for my current writing project, the way is open and clear. This may not at all solve the many challenges ahead, but at least in this case, I know what needs to be done. And, I know the daily small steps, as well as the big picture. The trick is not to get ahead of myself and to just stick with the immediate tasks. Like climbing the stairs up to the top of a tall building, I just have to focus on each step, and not get overwhelmed with the entire staircase, or live in my head about being at the top floor. This is also ‘trusting in the process’ – knowing that each small step IS leading toward the end goal, and as long as I show up and stay in the game, results will no doubt follow.




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