Test of Faith

18 03 2010

Today I go in for a hearing to defend my SSI (welfare) status. One of the primary goals stated here was my desire to get off benefits- aka “self reliance”- and now my wish may be fulfilled sooner than expected-whether or not I’m in a position to do so!

That said, I will accept the ruling either way. The universe has a way of putting things in order that might not be in the order that I imagined, but the correct order. And if I get further pushed in the direction of self reliance, then so be it, because I believe that when something like this is set in motion, it may take on it’s own path and will provide all that’s needed-as long as I follow along and do my part.

This is ‘trusting in the process’ taken to a deeper level to the realm of the unseen, which is to say, to take it on faith.

Well I went in for the hearing and it looks like my benefits will remain unchanged, and will not be penalized for working last year–because I didn’t make enough money! The term used was ‘gainful employment’ and that I failed to accomplish. My business tax bill came to a whopping $5.34 for 2009, so there is abject failure in that department as well, but of course I knew that already.

Solution lies in self reliance…




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