The Solo of Self Reliance

3 04 2010

Today I am feeling the “solo” aspect of self reliance. This is the part that one must go alone. It’s easy to accept this in areas like writing a novel, driving a race car or being a folk singer, since these are acts that are normally done alone.

But with the Internet and digital media, some things such as filmmaking can be done alone and without the support of an institution or expensive equipment run by specialists. And now, the personal direct address (talking right into the camera) style only works when shooting onesself-director, actor and camera operator.

This “one man band” metaphor is taking a literal turn now. I have a possible gig this month and the feasability depends on my doing a solo electric set – not acoustic but electric? – something I’ve never seen but have only heard about. In fact about 10 years ago someone suggested I do just that! This has been diffucult to wrap my head around, since rock and roll to me means electric guitar, bass AND drums…but now I have an open mind. So I’m trying it out and seeing, and listening, to where it goes from here.

Self reliance is what I want and I’m getting another unexpected dose of it!




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