Solo Support

4 04 2010

We are all interconnected, we breathe the same air and live on large islands in a global sea. No one is really alone in this world. Any notion of a self made man, or picking ones self up by ones own bootstraps, has to be taken in a larger context.

Behind the scenes there are always supportive players, the guidance of a mentor or the inspiration of a leader. This support is always present, to varying degrees, in all so-called success stories. Whether it is a team or group, a two-person partnership, or a solo act, there exists back of it all a landscape of assistance.

Yet, regardless of the background assistance, there is something different about a leader or a one man show. While others may share in the victory, the lone wolf (or leader) must take full responsibility – and accept the “blame” for failure. In a partnership or group, it only takes one person to mess it up for everyone else, and provide a justifiable excuse for the others to be faultless “victims” should the endeavour fail.

So, all things being equal in regard to sideline support, there is a fundamental difference for leaders and those who go it “alone.” We face not only the challenges of enterprise, but, in times of difficulty and contemplation, we also must face our own fears and doubts in a way that group members don’t have to. Even the supporting cast cannot assist one through these trying times, save for a greater power from far beyond or an inner strength from deep within. And, according to the mystics of the ages, the far beyond and deep within are one in the same.




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