Ready or Not

7 04 2010

…Here I come!

This announcement from the childhood game “hide and seek” seems appropriate right now. The universe conspired in such a way that I am taking the gig next week – so I’m doing it whether I’m ready or not. Actually by confirming the show, I will have to be ready next week, and rise to the occasion and meet the challenges in front of me.

This puts me in a tight spot, but really, this is along the lines of what I want and have been working toward: mainly, to achieve self reliance as a performing musician. And nothing says ‘self reluance’ quite like playing a rock concert without a band! This I feel is a sort of baptism by fire, that this is my initiation into this new realm, and I’m going in about as raw, naked, and as honest as possible. No frills, no backup, no bullshit – just me, my guitar, a mic, my songs and my personality/performance…for a half hour of musical entertainment!

More to come… Ready or not!




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