It’s the Little Things

8 04 2010

I sometimes use various techniques to gain insight on a subject or to help make a decision when the answer isn’t quite clear. Sometimes this means flipping a coin for a yes or no answer when I can’t decide, or it could be an insight meditation or a tarot card reading. Either way, in these situations I make a deal beforehand to go along with the intuition or fortune, whole heartedly – even if the answer isn’t the answer I wanted to hear. This does two things – first, it helps me make a decision when I’m stuck (which is empowering, while indecision is a sign of weakness) and secondly, since the decision is “given” to me, I don’t have to second guess myself or doubt about it, which is also empowering and allows me to get myself out of the way and surrender to the process.

Yesterday I consulted the Iching for some guidance regarding my upcoming show and it suggested I “fly low” and not get carried away. Also it emphasized the need to take care of all the small things, the details, with great care. Called “excess of the small” it served as a kind if warning to me to not get ahead of myself, and the danger in doing so was made very clear.

So I am applying this advice, and am going to the show with no expectations or activities beyond the context of the gig itself, and to just focus on my songs and the performance, paying attention to all the small details, and leaving the “big deals” – especially the mental and emotional ones – for a time that is more appropriate.




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