Mid Course Correction

13 04 2010

Today I found myself at the ready for more writing on the script-to-novel project, Making Angels, which in itself is one seeking liberation through self reliance. I hesitated and did not move forward as has halways been the case for the last 6 weeks.

Then I understood why – to better plan the next leg of the writing journey. I know more now about this part of initiation and the significance of the so-called midpoint. Of course I know what happens next, but there’s a real opportunity to do a good job with this ‘bridge’ and lay a better track for what will happen on the other side of the midpoint.

The events are there, it’s just the order and proportion of each that needs to be laid out. The path is clear- to get the guy from a promising rookie to an MVP in less than one season, to borrow a sports metaphor. Also the seeds of his undoing need to be planted, as things go downhill after the peak, fast and hard.




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