22 04 2010

I’m finding that Self Reliance is not something achieved, rather it is something that is attained through persistence. Of course the course of action needs to be determined before setting out, and then corrected as needed along the way. Just like when taking a trip in a car, you need to plan the route and travel in that direction. Then persistence pays off as the miles pass and the destination grows closer.

At the onset of the journey, there is much excitement, the tank is full and the adventure begins. Near the destinaton, the excitement returns as the goal is in sight. But the part in between, the long haul, can get boring, tedious and seem like there is no progress being made.

Persistence is needed to stay on the beam, or on the path, to move through the long stretches of territory that need to be crossed. There is little excitement, the planning is done and the destination is still far away. But along this part of journey, I can enjoy the scenery (or any part of the process) as I continue on, knowing I have set the goal and followed the course with the necessary adjustments. The important thing is to persist and to trust in the process, knowing that even at times when there is very little evidence of forward progress, advancement IS being made, and the goal is growing closer.




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