Eye of the Needle

26 04 2010

Straight is the gate and narrow is the way. This line is either from the Bible or Hank Williams – or both – and it has particular significance to me at this time. This rite of passage or threshold cannot be avoided or circumvented; it must be passed through directly. And being narrow, like the eye of a needle, this passageway does not allow room for anything extraneous to enter-only ones’s bare and true essence.

Once on the other side it may not always be smooth sailing, but since a strong foundation and clarity of purpose are laid out, it is possible to weather any storm. This is where I find myself regarding metaphysics and spirituality, as both a practitioner and a teacher. On the other side lie the multitude of spiritual lessons, lectures and practices. To pass through the narrow gate, I must first shed all that I am not, and focus to a point all that I am, in terms of my own spiritual beliefs.

I believe I passed through this gate regarding my music, if you’ve been following my recent posts, as I played a solo show earlier this month. The gate didn’t even allow for a backup band, and I was literally stripped down to my bare essesnce musically. Now having passed through, I know I can do this anytime, anywhere and with whatever band I put behind me playing whatever songs I write.

Same is true for my self reliance regarding my career in metaphysics. I know I cannot proceed with the podcasts, lectures and writings I plan to offer until I pass through the eye of the needle, by stripping away all that I am not, and focusing in on – and openly revealing – what it is that I am.




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