Gimp My Ride: for others’ Self Reliance

5 05 2010

What started as a play on words has turned into a cause – by getting my car restored and keeping it on the road, I can help others, who need one, to get into a restored CRX with hand controls and able to accomodate the wheelchair. As my car is driven by a wheelchair user (me), many other CRX cars could be restored and adapted for many wheelchair users to enjoy. The CRX is by my account a fun sports car thats dependable and economical, based on my 18 years experience and 190,000 personal miles driven.

There are many of these cars and aftermarket parts readily available; they are easy to work on and many models have compatible parts. From restored stock condition or custom econo tuners, these cars would not be for everyone; probably paras or high level quads (or muscular equivalent). These sit low to the ground, making transfers a breeze, although the low sports car ride height is not for everyone either. But if you are in a chair and don’t necessarily play adaptive sports, but love an adrenaline rush that’s safe and practical, then a restored ‘ReX might just do it for you. Motorsports and celebrity sponsors could bring dollars and visibility, and, even a Rex hand control race class could compete regionally and nationally.

Therefore, I propose that funds be raised to make this pathway to self reliance and freedom for those injured or impared, that enjoy performance driving in a car that’s wheelchair friendly and costs less than $10,000!

Gimp My Ride, please.




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