3 06 2010

Over the weekend I painted my room. There is more to this than slapping paint on the walls; that’s the fun part. The rest is an opportunity to go through all my stuff and spring clean, which can be weird as it is one of the few times (like moving) when you are forced to look at everything in your inventory. And not just your stuff-it’s the emotional connections and memories associated with said stuff, as well as the internal clutter and hoarding that goes on with all kinds of thoughts and feelings about one’s self.

As the paint is now dry, only a couple of small boxes remain, just some old letters and keepsakes to be combed through. It’s easy to just shove something in a drawrer and say “I’ll keep that for later,” but when later arrives (now), do I still keep it? And so on.

The point is, even a small amount of clutter and hoarding can have an effect, even – or especially – when it’s going on out of sight. Yes it may be difficult to go through it all, and perhaps even more difficult to let things go, but having a clear pathway and an open space are vital to acheiving self reliance. Or, being dragged down or distracted by excess baggage will keep one from attaining a strong foundation.

Self reliance cannot thrive in an environment of codependency: there can only be limited growth in this case. In fact, self reliance is somewhat the opposite of of codependence. Therefore, by clearing the slate and declaring independence from attachments to stuff, self reliance is more readily assured.




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