Self Reliance and Music

22 06 2010

From an earlier post (April 14 & 19) I described myself as a solo musician and wrote about playing a show with no back up or rhythm section. Now I have taken the songs I played and have begun recording them. Again, I am doing this by myself and I still have every intention of playing gigs with other players, but in the meantime, I can still take the songs to the next level.

Although I play bass like a guitar player (instead of a bass player!) and my drum programming skills are rudimentary at best (every pun intended), I am able to do what I can to further develop the songs on my own.

And this is part of self reliance. Even if I can’t take something all the way all by myself, there are stages and steps which I can accomplish solo. As long as I am doing all that I can do, I’m sure the rest (which I can’t do alone) will surly follow. And the more developed and completed my part of the work becomes, the easier it will be to attract and bring in the other players. This way, they will rely on my strength as I will be better able to provide something stable and concrete to offer.




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