Arrows and Targets

26 06 2010

Just as a seed needs the fertile soil to grow, ideas and goals need a forum or a container that will hold and nurture them. Thoughts will only stay in an ephemeral state until they are applied in a tangible form, thereby making them real-ized or made real. And the danger with unbound desires is that they get dispersed and dissapated, leading to frustration and disempowerment.

So if thoughts and ideas are like arrows, they need a clear target to be directed towards – or they miss the mark and just fly off into oblivion. Both are necessary. And, it is much better to have a target in sight before shooting aimlessly.

Many of us have arrows but no target. Skilled workers need a job to practice their trade. Teachers need a classroom of students; hammers need nails. Without a target these potentials are relatively useless, even though they themselves (arrows) are just as good and just the same as they would be with such an avenue of expression. Therefore the target – an appropriate target that matches the needs and function of the arrow – is just as important and necessary.

I have a quiver full of powerful arrows, but have found the traditional and existing targets to be inadequate for my particular needs. My lessons don’t fit in mainstream classes and my music doesn’t fit with someone else’s band. So I have to make my own targets. By using new media, distance learning and the Internet, I can make my own “classroom” or school in which to teach. Likewise, I can form my own band around my particular musical style. As I do and the pathway become more clear, I am finding relief from anxiety and uncertainty, knowing my “orphans” are getting a home, that my content now has a context…and my arrows have a target.




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