About Chris and TSRP

Hello and welcome!

My name is Chris Sheridan and I am at a point in my life where I need to become self-reliant on many levels.  By sharing this process with you, I hope to have the support and accountability to make the changes I need to make to achieve what Emerson called Self Reliance.

Particularly, I want to focus on the following areas, which I believe will constitute self-reliance:

1: FINANCES.  Due to a disability, I have been on Social Security since 1991 and so far, every attempt at joining the work force or becoming financially independent has failed.  This I believe is of my own making, and I can make the proper changes to remedy this.

GOAL: to ‘get off welfare’ by the end of the year 2010 and in such a way that is an overall improvement of my current status.  I am also in a lot of debt, and I also desire to be able to pay off these debts and not go into bankruptcy.  I am not looking for a hand out or a bail out, but I hope by sharing my journey, I will stay on track and achieve this goal.

STRATEGY: to incorporate the methods of so-called ‘success literature’ and actually follow through with the plan in a vital and consistent way.

2. PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENT: due to my paralysis, I need to use a wheelchair full time, but I do have some use of my legs, which, with the proper braces and my physical fitness, can allow me to stand and even walk.

GOAL: to be exercising regularly, improving strength and endurance to stay young and healthy, as well as reducing dependency on my wheelchair.  Also, as a long time eyeglass wearer, I resolve to work on proven eye exercises (the Bates and Huxley methods) which will reduce or eliminate my need for glasses.

STRATEGY: to keep my goals at hand and keep my body moving in the right direction, dedicated to achieving more self-reliance.

3. CREATIVE EXPRESSION: to explore and express my creative vocations – writing, music, film and teaching – regularly producing material and performing it without fear or self-doubt, and in a way that is independent of other musicians, any particular studio, or free of any school or institution.

Writing – to write my memoirs so far, as I know first hand that sharing a personal story can be beneficial not only to the author but to the reader as well.  I am sitting on what I believe to be a worthwhile (and sale-able) story, although I have felt reluctant to finish writing it.
Music – to write and record enough original music for an album and live set, and eventually form a band around it.
Film – to rewrite my 3 screenplays to the best of my ability so I can let them go for sale and production.  Also, I need to have my film classes and seminars developed and displayed for teaching anywhere, as well as for individual consultation.
Teaching – in addition to film, my primary teachings center around metaphysics and practical philosophy in the vein of ancient wisdom traditions.

STRATEGY: to just focus on my own material and getting it in a ‘fixed form’ – written, recorded, filmed, etc. – so that I can take it to the next level.  (right now, many of these are in dubious form, bouncing in my head or on half finished tomes). Actually, The Self-Reliance Project is one of my strategies in and of itself!

4. SPIRITUAL: I can only teach by example, and in the area of spirituality and metaphysics, I only feel comfortable teaching what I have already put in to practice and proven to myself that it works.

GOAL: to glean from my own personal mystical experience and my interpretation of the great works and great teachers I have been exposed to, and communicate my beliefs in a way that is accessible to both spiritual and atheistic persons, for I believe many of society’s ills – both personal and collective – can effectively be solved through one’s spiritual nature.

STRATEGY: to continue with the existing “Manly Hall Minute” on YouTube, and launch my “spiritual tune up” website which will highlight various spiritual practices and remedies that are practical and easy to learn, as well as record audio books and lectures on ancient wisdom and how we can use it to improve our human condition.

SO, with that in mind, I will become self reliant in many areas of my life, going from student to teacher, from employee to employer, from band mate to band leader, from unpublished author to published, and from a welfare recipient, or tax liability, to a provider and asset to our society.

Thank you for visiting and being part of The Self Reliance Project!

©2010 Chris Sheridan


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