Welcome to The Self Reliance Project:

This is an ongoing journey from dependency to self-reliance, particularly involving finances, physical improvement, creative expression and spirituality.

I will be the “case study” and this will be an open public forum for a personal transformation. While this will be very revealing and private at times, hopes are, that if this works for me, it can work for you too. I promise to establish a strategy for achieving self reliance and with your help, stay on track and see where the journey leads. Any and all information, insights and failures will be totally available to all – this is what is meant by transparent, and I will bare all because I simply cannot go on with the status quo…

Ralph Waldo Emerson (above) wrote an essay in 1841 called “Self-Reliance” and will be drawn from frequently as part of this ongoing active project.

More about Chris and The Self Reliance Project:

One response

20 10 2010

While I have myself been on my own personal transformation journey for several years, I am certain this will be a wonderful way to be reminded to stay on track. You’ve always been inspirational and I thank you for the words you have shared. I’m ready lets go!

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